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Picture uploading for the rest of us

Apachaï is designed to be a small and lightweight photo and picture sharing application (for services like Twitter) built on the Manos framework. A running instance is available at


It depends on a Redis server available and on ServiceStack .NET binding to it (included). For metadata manipulation, TagLib# >= is also required.

Apachaï leverages code from TweetStation and Pinta but it's not needed to have any of them installed.

Of course, you need Manos installed if you want to launch the application (no need for another webserver though).


To run Apachaï you need to adjust a few things. First, rename config.json.template to config.json and adjust the settings there. Following is a small description for each of them:

That's the URL of the host you deploying unto (example:
twitterKey and twitterSecret
Get one over at
Theorically it should be set to something like serverBaseUrl/AuthCallback but who knows.
A boolean, if true the application will work standalone and will never do a single call to Twitter. Useful for debugging purpose.
A path (relative or absolute) to a folder where your want the picture sent to be stored. Defaults to the 'Pictures' value (you have to create the folder in the root directory yourself though).
An IP or host array of string where we can join Redis server instances, by default we simply use

Then just in case, walk a bit in the javascript code under Content/js as I may have hardcoded some stuff to (promise, I try to avoid this but sometimes I'm lazy). A grep should do the trick.

Finally just hit manos -s in the root folder and you are all set.


All code, markup and others are released under the permissive MIT license


Jérémie Laval (


You can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://